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‘Our’ time in Bermuda

1 Jul

The Ellis Island record of my father’s arrival in the U.S. – his last name was “Wray” then – says he arrived from Hamilton Bermuda in 1923 at age 26. The record clearly states that he was born in Barbados, so until I found these columns I was not sure what the Bermuda connection was. Now I know! He worked for the Bermuda Colonist and Gazette, a daily, while there.


On “acting white”

30 Jun

The New York Age, December 9, 1933

Bernarr Macfadden

29 Jun

In addition to learning little known facts about my father, I’m learning things about other people I’d never heard of.  Bernarr Macfadden (1868-1955)  was an internationally known health crusader who promoted exercise and natural foods and natural healing. Nicknamed the “Father of Physical Culture,” he promoted fasting and  a healthy sex life.  Founder of  a magazine publishing company, Macfadden Publications,  he wrote more than 100 books, including several on marriage.   Macfadden was married to Mary Williamson Macfadden, a former champion swimmer.  She was 19 and he was 45 when they were married.  They had seven children.  Bernarr and Mary separated in 1932, and the public airing of their marital difficulties apparently inspired my father to write this column, quoting some of Macfadden’s own words on love.  After the couple divorced in 1946, Mary wrote a tell-all book titled  Dumbbells and Carrot Sticks.

The New York Age, December 2, 1933

The Negro vote should not come cheap

28 Jun

The New York Age, November 25, 1933

Dear Mr. Bootlegger:

27 Jun

The New York Age, November 18, 1933

Marking a decade in America

26 Jun

According to Ellis Island records, my father arrived in the United States on November 1, 1923 from Hamilton Bermuda. He was 26 years old and single. A column that he published on December 16, 1933, notes that he worked for the Bermuda Colonist and Gazette, a daily newspaper, during his six-month stay there. He notes in this column that he had worked for the Age for eight years. Wonder what he did the first two.


The New York Age, November 11, 1933

A vote for Tammany Hall is a vote wasted

25 Jun
Note: Fred Moore, my father’s candidate of choice, was the publisher of The New York Age at that time.

The New York Age, November 4, 1933

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