The Massie affair

1 Jun

This column launches into a diatribe about a fire and the lack of compassion of local churches, then veers into the misbehavior of a court magistrate. Then there’s some consternation as to whether “Negroes” should praise NBC when it presents quality programming, i.e. the Tuskegee choir, instead of complaining about Amos and Andy. The final paragraph is about the Massie case, in which a white woman falsely accused several  men of color of rape.  One of those men was lynched.
The Honolulu Advertiser
described the case as “the most notorious criminal incident in the modern history of Hawai’i. Associated Press editors in 1932 voted it, along with the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, the biggest criminal case in the country. Books and articles have been written about it, and at least one Hollywood film was based — very loosely — on it. But by now many people have forgotten what actually happened, and many more have never heard of the case.”

The New York Age, March 11, 1933

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