‘No reason for jolification’

27 Jul

Long before the Montgomery bus boycott, leaders in Harlem were calling on members of the black community to refrain from spending their money in stores that refused to hire them. Blumstein Department Store was a primary target. In this column it looks as if Koch’s Department store made some concessions, but  Blumstein was a harder case.   “This reminds us to ask: What attitude have the Blumstein taken towards Hitler?” Ebenezer asks. “Are they among the thousands who indicted him recently in Madison Square Garden for his inhuman treatment to non-Aryans? If they are not, we are surprised. If they are, they might ask themselves the questions: Are we not also guilty to a similar attitude towards the Negroes of Harlem?” The reference to “Little Man,” appears to be an attack on William H. Davis, the publisher and part owner of the New York Amsterdam News. It appears that Davis suggested that the advocates of the Blumstein boycott had ulterior motives. My father suggested that Davis sold out for advertising dollars.

The New York Age, June 16, 1934

One Response to “‘No reason for jolification’”

  1. Charlie Rosenberg March 21, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

    This is the item that drew my via a Google search to your pages. I was following up an elusive reference to William H. Davis and George Schuyler launching a joint attack on the “Don’t Buy Where You Can’t Work” campaign. Here’s Davis… any idea about Schuyler? I recently picked up a bargain copy of his autobiography “Black and Conservative,” and the only reference to William H. Davis he makes his off the cuff remark about Davis’s “new communist friends.” (No, he talks about Ben Davis, Jr. on other pages, this was a reference to the Amsterdam News). Anyway, anything else in your father’s writings that might link the two, however temporarily, on this subject?


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