The ‘racial ills’ of the Episcopal Church

28 Nov

“The Episcopal Church might find an antidote for its racial ills by first cleaning house, and then by directing its evangelistic and missionary activities toward those barbarians in the South who ruthlessly violate the constitutional rights of Negroes, denying them fair and impartial trials when accused of offences they seldom commit. Toward this appalling condition, the Episcopal Church has been noticeably apathetic,” Ebenezer writes.

Here is a link to information on Rev. Alexander McGuire, who founded the African Orthodox Church in response to racism in the Episcopal Church.

The New York Age, February 16, 1935

One Response to “The ‘racial ills’ of the Episcopal Church”

  1. Elaine Ray December 4, 2010 at 9:19 pm #

    My father’s connection to the Anglican/Episcopal Church remained strong throughout his life. I remember that even when his body was ravaged by Parkinson’s disease he would muster the strength to go across town to a service. (On one winter night, his body failed him and he fell in the streets of downtown Pittsburgh. My mother had to go pick him up from the police station where the cops took him thinking he was drunk.)

    But as devoted as he was, he was apparently a staunch critic of the church’s treatment of blacks. I wonder what he would say about the debate over homosexuality that is threatening to rip the church apart.


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