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Printer’s ink, the life blood of democracy

30 Aug

With current assaults on the press, including in South Africa, of all places, this column is validation that the fight continues.

The New York Age, December 8, 1934

Balancing the city budget; the Episcopal Church;

28 Aug

The New York Age, November 24, 1934

The West Indian Federation of America; an athletic center in Harlem; Anthology of the Negro

27 Aug

I thought my dad had said that Nancy Cunard’s book, the Anthology of the Negro, was out of reach financially for most blacks. After Cunard offered her book at half price, Ebenezer says it was worth the full price. Anyway, he continued to express his objection that the book was banned by Caribbean governments such as Barbados.  I’m going to see if I can find a copy.

The New York Age, November 17, 1934

Who is Uncle Sam?

26 Aug

The New York Age, November 10, 1934

Wanted: A legal Moses and Eunice Carter for Assembly

25 Aug


The New York Age, November 3, 1934

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