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Leave Bermuda to the Brits

19 Jul

The New York Age, April 21, 1934


Praise for Mr. Ray

18 Jul

I guess my views on that soapbox column were not shared by at least one reader. So far, haven’t found anything on Rev. Dalrymple.

The New York Age, April 21, 1934

On a soapbox about men on soapboxes

18 Jul

Let’s just say I’m glad my dad was not elected mayor. And what happened to his aversion to first person? I don’t know who the “WW” is to whom he offered apologies.

The New York Age, April 14, 1934

‘We have come with no selfish purpose’

17 Jul

So “we’ve” gotten off the subject of Will Rogers and his reference to “darkies,” and now back to the “tiff” between American born and immigrant blacks. This column, published April 7, 1934, takes a circuitous path to get to the point, touching on Mussolini, the reluctance of black folks to hire the services of Negro lawyers and the fact that black people are barred from eating in Washington, DC’s government-owned restaurants. He mentions Dr. Godfrey Nurse a physician born in Guyana who served on  the New York State Electoral College. He quotes James S. Watson, a Jamaican-born municipal court judge.

The New York Age, April 7, 1934

Letter to the editor on Will Rogers and Mr. Ray

16 Jul

Apparently, my father’s columns on the Will Rogers affair – Rogers referred to black people as “darkies,” an offense that resulted in some community members calling for a boycott of Gulf gas stations – did not sit well with this reader. Although my father did not condone Rogers’ use of the term, he felt strongly that as long as “Negroes” continued to refer to themselves in derogatory terms, arguments that others should not use them were  shaky. BTW Gulf Refining Company was the sponsor of the television show on which Rogers appeared. The letter below is from a reader who thought m father’s views were off base.

The New York Age, March 3,1934

Will Rogers matter settled?

15 Jul

The New York Age, March 17, 1934

Can Negroes succeed in business?

14 Jul

The New York Age, March 31, 1934

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