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George Harris: Negro traitor

18 Jun

Haven’t found out much about George Harris, but it is interesting the a “newspaper man” would be running for office. It’s clear Ebenezer didn’t think much of  Harris. He suggests that he looks like a bulldog, that he is being used by his white predecessor to attempt to “jar the wheels off Negro progress.” In previous columns he urged readers to vote for Harris’ opponent Fred Moore, who I recently discovered was also a newspaper man  – the editor of  of the New York Age. So not only are two newspapermen running for office, but my dad is endorsing the man who essentially signs his paycheck!  Even after Moore prevailed, Ebenezer saw fit to kick Harris  one more time.

The New York Age, September 30, 1933


The Negro Press, ‘our strongest weapon against oppression’

16 Jun

The New York Age, September 23, 1933

Courtroom stories

15 Jun

The New York Age, September 9, 1933

Excuse Me, Mr. Ray: a reader’s retort

12 Jun

The New York Age, July 1, 1933

The New York age, July 1, 1933

Journalistic ethics and the Amsterdam News

11 Jun

The New York Age, June 10, 1933

The New York Age, June 10, 1933

Father Divine: ‘dwarfed impostor’

6 Jun

Not sure what the assault case was all about, but the commentary at the end about journalism and the “dwarfed impostor,” which I assume refers to  Father Divine, is pretty funny, particularly given that by his own account my father was 5′ 4. According to Wikipedia, Divine was 5′ 2.

The New York Age, February 25, 1933

The divorce question

3 Jun

So, I know my mother was not my father’s first wife and that he divorced one Lucille Ray in the mid 1940s. This column makes me curious as to why he was so interested in “the divorce question” in Barbados a decade after he had  arrived in New York.

The New York Age, March 25, 1933

The New York Age, March 25, 1933

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